Reimagine what's essential.
Refocus what's attainable.
Rethink what's possible.

As our world continues to change in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have a profound opportunity to shift the infectious disease paradigm—and a vital responsibility to lead the charge.

It's time to counter confusion with clarity.

Introducing the Infectious Disease Council.

An international coalition of interdisciplinary experts representing the fields of pandemic infectious disease policy, healthcare, education, medical diagnostics and testing, and law have formed the Infectious Disease Advisory Council to help organizations and individuals strike back against COVID-19.

Work Smart. Work Safe. Work Well.

More Infections From an Online Semester?

Published by: Inside Higher Ed
Researchers at Cornell University have concluded an online semester at the university will result in more COVID-19 infections than an in-person one. The university is reopening, with plans to monitor students and moderate misbehavior.
Quarantine and Isolation

Quarantine and Isolation

On March 11, 2020 the WHO declared the rapid transmission of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, a pandemic. After initial serious outbreaks on the east (New York City) and the west (Seattle) coasts, the virus has since spread throughout the United States (US). Currently the country leads the world in infections diagnosed, 2,504,175, and deaths, 125,484 with daily infections now exceeding 40,000 cases.
Virtual Medicine

COVID 19: A Catalyst for Change in Health Care

It may seem too early to speak of silver linings, but it is easy to see how the changes forced on us by COVID-19 will make health care better. Crises accelerate history.   All involved in healthcare, from providers to patients, will leave this moment with a heightened sense of infectious disease, of the need for…
New Normal

Moving to a New Normal

As colleges and universities plan and prepare to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic, each one is charting a path to a new normal and beginning to establish what this may look like. All institutions of higher education (IHEs) are navigating new ground. However, one of the most accurate things we can say about a “new…